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Ayushveda Spa

Kitkat Road (Ridsdale branch road),
Near Njaliparambu Junction, Fortkochi, Ernakulam – 682001
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Passage to India – Ayurveda

Abhyanga : Rs.2000/60 mins

Traditional ayurveda whole body massage with specific herbal medicated oil. It nourish and revitalize the body tissues, relieves fatigue, improve blood circulation, perfect sleep, provide stamina and treat the problems of arthritis and neurological disorders.

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Ayurbeauty Queen : Rs.3000/90mins

This ancient purifying ritual orginated in the places of india. Begins with medicated massage and whole body scrubbing with turmeric and sandal wood paste. It deep cleanses the whole body by removing toxins from its cellular level and reduces ageing process.

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Shirodhara : Rs.2500/60mins

The treatment involves gently pouring herbal medicated oil pouring over the forhead in a rhythmic way. This therapy relieves stress and strain related problems.

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Relaxation Massage : Rs.1600/45mins

A whole body medicated oil massage rejuvenating your body mind and soul, sense organs and effective for destressing.

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Best packages

Abhayanga + Scrub – Rs.3000/90mins
Abhayanga + Shirodhara – Rs.3500/90mins
Abhayanga + Scrub + Facial – Rs.5000/2hours

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Skin Care & Facial

Turmeric and Sandal wood Scrub – Rs.2000/60mins
Herbal facial – Rs.1500/60mins

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